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keep fighting because i love you

I got my GCSE results today and after a pretty tough 2 years I was expecting the worst but I ended up getting 2A*s,5As,2Bs and 2Cs.I’m so proud of myself and my journey…asfghjkl,and I know that the best is yet to come.I’m in such an amazing place and am so much happier and healthier than this time last year.It’s so good to know all my hard work paid off :)


Night Flight - By: (Mikko Lagerstedt)

So anxious.This is horrible.I just want tomorrow to be over allready,ahhhh.

Although I’m really proud of myself for how hard I worked this spring/summer for my exams,I know I’ll have under-performed a bit,but I’m ok with that.Getting a B when you could have easily got an A if you’d had a better mindset is difficult but it’s not the worst thing to have to deal with.I’m more motivated and exicted to redeem myself academically next year and to fufill my potential now there’s nothing stopping me.It’s scary to have ambitions and dreams that you might not reach…but I never want to be too scared that I don’t fully dedicate myself to trying to be a political commentor and to fufilling my dream of having a career in journalism,just because it’ll be hard.
Anyway,what I’m trying to say is:no matter what happens next week,I’ll be okay and I know I can turn negative experiences into positive energy for the future :)

Kindof making me nerdishly exicted to start mine next year :p

EmiIy,15.Trying to overcome some of my inner demons.If you need to talk my ask is always open.
For more information on my mental health campaign check out my website
<3 <3 <3 <3

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